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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  August 25, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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the east coast is on alert this morning. massive hurricane irene barreling our way and it is expected to intensify. new information will definitely have the d.c. region and the eastern shore paying attention. we'll have the latest on that straight ahead. some d.c. landmarks still shut down and several schools closed and that was an aftershock many of you felt overnight. another aftershock while you were sleeping.
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a 4.5 magnitude aftershock at 1: 1:08 this morning. >> this is the fifth aftershock since the original quake and it is the businessest. damage will keep kids home from school if a second day. in-- for a second day. in prince george's county, 32 32 schools will be closed. now, let's move from earthquakes to hurricanes. irene pounding the bahamas overnight. the head of emergency management in the bahamas says there is disturbing storm damage. he says two of the southern islands
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are devastated with 90% of the homes damaged. >> the big change now a hurricane watch for much of north carolina right up to the virginia border. i would not be at all surprised if we don't see those issued farther north up into our part ever the world later today. -- our part of the world later today. likely to intensify here. it is the real deal as it approaches over the next couple of days. let's start local right now. we have the potential for -- and this is separate from irene, some pretty good thunderstorms in here later today. there is your sat-rad. the cloud cover quickly increasing from the west. it will be a partly sunny day today. right now at reagan national, 76 degrees. 73 out at dulles and bwi marshall. noticeably warmer and more
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humid than what we've had the last couple of days. warm and sunny, it is kind of hot and steamy with appear afternoon thunderstorm, a chance. -- with an afternoon thunderstorm, a good chance. the dedication of martin luther king, jr. memorial will happen on sunday morning on the national mall, rain or shine. that is the word from the king foundation. they may get more rain than shine. they are hoping for good weather but prepping just in case the hurricane heads for d.c. up to a quarter of a million people are expected to attend the sunday morning dedication ceremony. by the way, today is the last day that the public can visit memorial before it closes in preparation for the dedication. visiting hours today 9:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. let's check in with julie to get a look at traffic. >> no accidents to report if you are traveling across the will on bridge leaving virginia into maryland. on the maryland side in the local lanes, that is where we had reports of a stalled car tying up the right lane in the
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local lanes as you travel out of oxon hill. no incidents to report as you continue on the beltway between springfield appear the wilson bridge. northbound i-95 in both the express lane and the main line, the lanes are open so far. no problems reported. traffic slows a little bit closer to the occoquan. southbound 270, no incidents to report germantown to the split. charleston. upgrading the earthquake now, more damage found in the d.c. region as a result of tuesday's quake. >> engineers discovered several more cracks in the top of the washington monument. fox 5's audrey barnes is live on the national mall with more details on this. >> reporter: good morning. as you said, the washington monument is now closed because of earthquake damage i'm four foot crack was discovered first and then upon closer inspection, engineers found other significant cracks at
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this significant landmark. you can see that the original four foot crack is actually about an inch wide. the next photo shows some of the debris that is actually inside the monument. lots of shaking going on up there. people described it as being a very scary thing. a park service spokeswoman says three or four significant cracks were discovered during a day long inspection. the national cathedral is also a victim of the earthquake. there are some pictures that we have of damage at that national cathedral. one of the spires twisted away from the base of the cathedral. some of the missing stone work you can see in this photo. some of the stones fell to the ground and embedded themselves there. one of the martin luther king even schedule for saturday has been moved to another church because of damage there. we want to tell you about
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earthquake damage affecting gatsby's tavern in alexandria. it will be closed throughout the weekend because of concern over the historic building's chimneys. that building dates back to 1792 and those chimneys have cracked and shifted. engineer will spend much of the weekend going over those though make sure they are safe. a mother thorough inspect down here for you at the washington monument. that has been ordered for this monument and engineers say they then will be able to determine when it might reopen for visitors. back to you. >> thank you. in prince george's county, residents of two high-rise apartment buildings damaged in the quake are still being kept away as those inspections continue. but one complex is letting residents in to retrieve belongings. the structural engineer has to examine the buildings and submit a report to county officials before anybody is
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able to go home. other top stories, the united nations promising to help libya. the u.n. secretary general says the world body will quickly assist the rebel as they try to build a future. the united nations wants to free up over a billion dollars worth of libya's frozen assets but south africa is opposing the move. chaos remains in tripoli with sporadic fighting around the country. apple's ceo steve jobs says he can no longer do the job and will resign. he has been the inspiration for the iphone and ipad. we are following breaking news concerning a local man who was kid ndp that pakistan. we'll have the -- who was kidnapped in pakistan. we'll have the latest on him.
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new mike flannigan found dead. what authorities are saying about his death coming up next. 
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oriole great mike flannigan was found dead yesterday on a trail outside his home in the cause of death is still pending etch played most of his 18 seasons in baltimore. -- he played most of his 18 seasons in baltimore. he won a world seery tight until 1983. new pictures from aruba of a missing maryland woman. prosecutors there say these photos are the last known of robyn gardner taken just hours before she vanished. you can see her leaving the rum reef bar and grill with gary giordano. giordano told arube an investigators that gardner took sleeping pills earlier in the day and they drank vodka before going to the bar. witnesses said gardner was woozy and hardly even ate her food. giordano is being held in connection with her disappearance but maintains he is innocent.
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good news for the rockville, maryland man kidnap in pakistan. he has been found alive and well. pakistani police rescued 70- year-old warren weinstein today. he was abducted from his compound some two weeks ago. all eyes on hurricane irene this morning. new information out today shows it could move closer to our area than we thought just yesterday. coming up next, we'll take a look at prep rigs all along the east coast including what is being done around here. tucker is back with that plus our local forecast. could get some rain there as well. 
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we'll be keeping an eye on irene over the next couple of days. the national hurricane center of miami just issued the first official hurricane watch for
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the outer banks of north carolina. the navy is ordering the second fleet to move ships out of the storm's path. order applies to ships in southeastern virginia closer to home. baltimore gas and electric is calling in hundreds of workers from other power company to be on hand to help teal with the storm. metro also getting ready for the worst in case irene makes landfall in d.c. the transit agency is staging auxiliary pumps and chain saws and getting sandbags out. officials will release more information about the prep r igs -- preparations later on today including whether it will affect customers. tucker is here. >> we have to be concerned with today first because we have the potential for some strong thunderstorms later this afternoon. this has nothing to do with
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irene. it is a separate front off to the north and west. we are on the warm side. humid out there. highs expected to be near 90 today. you can see any time you are talking about overnight lows in the mid-70s, it doesn't take a whole lot to get to 90. hagerstown is 73. annapolis, 72. leonardtown, 726789 if you love along the bay, if you live in southern maryland, you have to keep an eye on this. we'll get real push on the bay as the storm pushes up from the south. we'll likely see some localized flooding. that will be just one of the many effects as irene approaches from the south over the next couple of days. we have this frontal system off to the north and west. all that white you see flashing is lightning out there. this front, the showers and thunderstorms likely to fall apart during the morning hours but they will we develop later today in a very warm and humid
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atmosphere. showers and thunderstorms back in the forecast with highs about 90 or so. the eye wall has been replacing itself so it hasn't hay chance to intensify. later today, expected to continue to intensify. could be a category 4 hurricane by later today or tonight. it continues to track off for the north and west. winds 115 miles per hour gusting over 130. this is what i want to mention. the track now is taking it a little further west than yesterday. that has us very concerned. the beaches could be hard hit. you could be dealing with hurricane force wind and torrential rain. even here in washington on this track, that is the center of circulation, we'll be dealing with extremely heavy rain and the possible of tropical force winds here in washington by late in the day on saturday and saturday night. there is your five-day forecast. 09 today, 87 tomorrow.
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look like the worst of irene is the second half of saturday, saturday night into sunday. that is weather. late do some on-time traffic with julie wright. >> good morning. 295 taking a peek at that. you will find lanes are open right now southbound along 270. no incident to report as you travel out of germ appeartown headed out towards the lane divide. traveling inbound along 66, leaving the virginia visitors center continuing into towards centreville, volume increasing out of manassas. no incidents to report as you con to work your way eastbound along 66. if you are -- that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. in health news now, botox is now being used to treat bladder control loss. the fda approved the drug for people with overactive braders who have condition such as
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multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injuries. when injected, botox relaxes the bladder muscle an allows more space for urine storage. the effects from the procedure could last up to nine months. the body of actor michael showers was found floating in the mississippi river. he and in several tv series including hb o's show, breaking back, vampire diaries. investigators estimate his body had been in the water for two days. an autopsy planned to determine a cause of death. our by beat straight ahead on fox 5. -- our by beat straight ahead on fox -- our business beat straight ahead on fox 5.   we'll be right back. i
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apple's legendary ce. on is stepping down and the ceo of starbucks trying to step up a campaign against congress. lauren simonetti join us. steve jobs stepping down. that will have an impact on apple and what is happening. >> steve job is apple. apple is steve jobs. he has been sick for some time and now he is stepping down but remaining as chairman of the board. he did not tell us why. speculation is that steve jobs, who has taken three leaves of absence in seven years is -- his health is not doing so well. tim cook will be the ceo. he has been the ceo for steve jobs before. investors kind of shaky about
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this. apple jobs down 5%. other people are saying apple's products and pipeline and their vision with steve jobs as chairman will all be okay. >> we are seeing that with sprint. they kind of spiked a little bit on the news that they will be carrying the iphone too. maybe apple is bigger than steve jobs after all. we'll have to wait and see. howard schultz is making a big play when he told congress that ceos would cut off finances. >> 100 ceos have banded together to stop contributing to campaigns until congress can get its act in line. we'll see if withholding the checkbook really works. in france yesterday, they had their richest ceos from french corp.s say they will pay more in taxes to help out. you have right now around the world high profile people from the business world making changes and trying to make a
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difference in the political realm. >> we'll see how it shakes out. thank you. we'll see you tomorrow morning. ton, the redskins get a chance get their third pre- season win. will it happen? >> also just ahead, why you may want to head down to the new mlk memorial today. plus, audrey barnes following the earthquake fallout not far from the memorial. >> reporter: good morning. the washington monument and the national cathedral remain closed today because of earthquake damage. i'll have the latest in a live the nice folks at frontline plus
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the earth shook once again. did you feel it. a 4.5 magnitude aftershock struck around 1:08 this morning. this happened seven miles south of mineral, virginia. that is the same spot as the
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epicenter of tuesday's big quake. the aftershock is the fifth since the original tremor. in prince george's county, 32 schools remain closed today. we have the list on we'll be showing it along the bottom of your screen. the school without walls in d.c. also closed. culpeper and spotsylvania counties will both open for the first day of school today. events to mark the dedication of the martin luther king, jr. memorial really kick into high gear today. this morning, d.c. mayor vip gray will join other city leaders and memorial foundation officials in revealing new much lk street signs. the ceremonial renaming will happen across parts of the southeast-southwest friday, the 11th street bridge and parts of main and independence avenue in washington. the dedication will happen sunday morning, rain or shine.
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that is the word from the king foundation. today is the last day to visit the memorial before it closes in preparation for sunday's dedication. >> perhaps this is the best day to do it if you want to get down there, maybe can't make the dedication ceremony. >> maybe better earlier than later. >> certainly first half of the day. later on today, we have a good chance of showers and thunderstorms. we'll worry about today and then we'll focus on irene in a few days. i've got a quick forecast for you. at reagan national, we are in the mid-70s. not cooling off overnight. lots of 1r0 as you start your morning. 76 in washington. -- lots of 70s as you start your morning. hard to believe a couple of mornings ago, we had temperatures in the low 50s. this is your thunderstorm activity off to the north and
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west. we will get in on the action later. the showers and thunderstorms will return to the forecast today. i think best chance will be after about 2:00 or 3:00. condition rowle out that one or two could pop up before that. warmer today, high about 90. noticeably more humid as well. coming up, we'll do ask weather guy and it is all about hurricane irene. we'll cover it from start to finish. >> let's check in with julie wright with the latest on traffic. >> we have the delays creeping up on us. southbound along 270, the gang is all here and we're slowing out to the truck stop. outer loop slowing university boulevard around to colesville road. coming in from the west off of 66, all lanes are open. it is slow leaving business 234 continuing eastbound into centerville. that's a check of your fox 5
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on-time traffic. talking about the earthquake again and more damage found in the d.c. region. >> engineers discovered several more cracks in the top of the washington monument. audrey barnes has more details. >> reporter: washington monument is closed once again because of significant cracks found during several inspections following the tuesday earthquake. inspectors went in for a aclose are look and they found even more signify cap cracks. more significant cracks. the monument will be closed today. we want to show you picture from the national cathedral. it is also closed to tourists. they have found significant cracks in some of the decorative stone work outside the cathedral and a lot of that stone has come down.
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there is a bit of a danger for people walking nearby. the washington cathedral is closed. now, for a nuclear update. we want to tell you about the north anna nuclear power plant which is down in the mineral, virginia area, several miles from the epicenter of tuesday's quake but still close enough where there were some alerts that went off at the nuclear power plant. and because of that, two of the reactors at the north anna plant have been taken offline and they will stay offline until inspectors are convinced there are no issues there. the best thing for tourists to do is to call ahead to find out whether the monument or museum they are in town to visit is open. you know there is so much to see in d.c. that, even if one thing is closed, there are a million other opportunities for you to enjoy d.c. i guess there is still plenty of rope for people to come on down and
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enjoy the city before school kick back in full swing. >> absolutely. thank you so much. checking our top stories, the mother of a baltimore writer missing in labia says he called her to say he is safe after escape first thing prison. meanwhile, scattered battles are spreading across tripoli. rebel are searching for colonel moammar ghadafi. they are offering a $2 million bounty for ghadafi and they say they will give him free passage if he gives himself up. investigators are searching for 18-year-old deven matos. he is charged with attempted second degree murder and assault. cops say a stray bullet hit deandre johnson while theling boy was sitting in his mother's lap outside their home in glen arden. the little boy is still in the hospital recovering. the redskins head north to
6:36 am
face the ravens tonight in baltimore. dave ross is here more. take the quarterback controversy, add a little rain. he could via big old mess on our hands. >> could be an interesting game. we don't know who will be starting quarterback as of yet. i think they know. >> john beck. >> i think rex grossman is going to get the nod. i don't put that much stock in eager guy starting tonight. i think they will try to play it the pc way. beck started last week. we'll give rex the start this week and we'll see rex still against the ones in the first quarter or first half. i could be wrong. it could be john beck because they have not tipped that you are hand either way. i caught up with beck and asked him about the importance of playing tonight. >> he have time you that you put your helmet on and you practice, play, it is always
6:37 am
important because you are always putting your signature to of what you do. so i try to do my best every time that i can. i don't know how the reps are going to shake down. i know i will get some maying time and i am going to try to make the most of it. >> this was the redskins luncheon yesterday. >> how was that. >> it was fun. seeing bruce and dan. this is the parade coming in. john beck had a false start here. had to go back. i saw chris cooley and he did say he would try like the dickens to get out there. >> how is the knee? >> he says it is getting better. it is on the road to recovery. >> this is the third pre-season game. typically, the third pre-season game is the one they weigh the most. >> i think it might be did i have report this year simply because we -- different this year because we don't know who the starting quarterback will
6:38 am
be officially. i think the four pre-season game, i think we might find out then. they need to come to a decision quickly because september 11th is approaching. >> sarah, question? >> hi. i was listening intently to you. >> that's all we have. >> we will look forward to tonight and we'll get a full recap tomorrow. >> a very funny sound bite from beck spoken at the lunch. all eyes are on hurricane irene. fox 5 has some tools that can help you keep track of the storm's track as we head into the weekend. a potentially life saving smart phone app.
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some major developments in the business world. the "wall street journal" is reporting that sprint nextel will start selling the iphone if mid-october. the wireless company will sell both the new iphone 5 and 4 models. the hope is that the popular apple device will help slumping subscriber numbers. speaking of apple, steve jobs resigning now as ceo of apple. tim cook will take over. cook has been doing the day to day operations anyway. in a letter to apple's board, jobs writes, i have always said if there ever came a day when i could no locker meet my duties an expectation as apple's ceo, i would be the first to let you know. unfortunately, that day has come. under jobs, apple became the second most valuable company in the world only behind oil giant
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exxon mobil. >> even if you've never bought appear apple product, apple has had an influence in your life. this all started when steve jobs first invented the first apple computer that sold for a little over $600. steve jobs and steve wozniak were credited with starting the computer revolution. >> jobs will stay on as apple's chairman which means he will still be involved in the idea and development process. now, the other big story we are following, hurricane irene. >> the system could have a big impact in our area this weekend. fox 5 has tools to help you keep up with the latest developments. lauren demarco has more on that. >> reporter: i want to start with the basics. the fox 5 app. we have a ton of information on there including an entire section devoted to weather. it is great because you can access it on the go. the latest -- here we are.
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>> it will come close to the washington area, likely bring us a period of gusty wind and some very wet weather around here. >> the latest weather forecast in the palm of your hand and much more. now, when you start up the app, our top news stories pop up. you tap the liven and head to the weather opinion. you can fine the latest models and find information on how the system is tracking. also good to check any time of year for the current conditions in your area. this animate radar maps for each part of the d.c. region. the fox 5 app is free able for iphone, android and blackberry users. look for the living on hurricane irene is intensifying and if you want a super detailed look at the live development, check out my fox there is a live chat for all of you weather obsessed folks out there. and you guessed it, there is an
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app for that. the my fox hurricane app is available for iphone and ipad users only. that will cost you $3.99. if you need to be able to track the storm, it is worth it. last but certainly not least, the weather guys. not really, there is also another app we want to talk about. it is called weather alert usa that plugs your device collectly into the official n. - - the official noaa network. can you set your phone up to receive notifications of hurricanes, floods, tornadoes. if something develops while you were sleeping you can be alerted with an alarm. it costs $4 and it is available for iphone and ipad. we have that information on for more on all of this, head to the morning people and look
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for the smart phone zone. let's see what is happening down in north carolina as we head down to the outer banks. it looks beautiful right now. he t so -- the so-called calm before the storm. >> they have had mandatory evacuations of okracoke island. dare county schools we understand have been closed down there. they are preparing for this in advance of the storm. >> ferry still running from okracoke trying to get everybody off the island there. the manhattan mandatory evacuations working their way closer to nags head, kitty hawk. we are getting more and more information as the storm continues to roll a little bit closer but still a ways away. it is real pretty down there in north carolina right now. not going to be the case in a couple of days. >> they've got about 48 hours until things start to break down. let's get started with a look at local weather. we have the potential for pretty good thunderstorms not
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related to irene but we could show some strong storms later today. just be ready for it. warmer temperatures than yesterday. 76degrees right now at reagan national. 74 in quantico. southern maryland, 72 in leonardtown. off to the north and west, 73 is the winning number in many communities including frederick and hagerstown. we mentioned there is a previous shower starting to break out just to the west of winchester. we'll see in that hold together. at frontal system and a strong one at that. look at all the shower and thunderstorm activity. that will dip down into very warm, very humid air later this afternoon. that is why we have the potential for showers and thunderstorms back in the forecast. we want to time it. i think most of the morning should be dry but later this afternoon, maybe around 4:00, we'll seeactivity break out fro north and west and then things will quiet down as we get back into tomorrow. summertime heat and humidity later today. afternoon showers and thunderstorms return. high temperature about 90 degrees. could be an early shower or
6:48 am
thunderstorm tonight and then we'll just be rae this mild overnight with partly cloudy skies. here is your five-day forecast. want to mention the threat of irene really gets in here the second half of saturday. could be some bands of very heavy rain. could be some thunder appear lightning. could be some gusty wind. that will get out of here by zipped and look at monday, sunshine and nice. always nice after a storm passes, 82. >> we deserve it. >> it is time for ask the weather guys. i'm he flying solo. that is the fantastic segment where tony perkins and i put our fabulously large heads together to answer your most pressing questions. we have two related questions today. we want to get right to it. we'll start with ronald. he asked, and i quote, yo, is this hurricane going to hit us or what? >> well said. >> direct and rye to the -- direct and right to the point.
6:49 am
our second question comes from liz norton. she writes is nerve wracking hiving in stafford and hearing you talk about the metro area. i take it that the metro area refers to d.c. what about other areas in what is going to happen to us. >> metro is d.c. plus the surrounding areas. i would think that stafford and those areas are included in the more area. >> we have a lot of viewers appear a wide geographic area we cover here. the farther west you get from the city, the less are your impact. i can't talk details of every single community in two minute time. the further east you get, worse it will be for you. worst will be the lower eastern shore along the beaches where we are likely to be dealing with hurricane-force winds. i just saw a prediction for over 10 inches of rain in ocean city on saturday. that is where the worst will be. you can take steps down as you get towards washington and point west. let's get right to vipir. we'll talk all about irene.
6:50 am
there is a good look at. it the pressure is still down. the wind are about 115 miles per hour with gusts to 130 and the tracking off to the annika pergament and west. still a very healthy storm. lots of warm water. it is expected to intense identify into a category 4 storm over the next 24 hours. this will be a big threat not only to the washington area but points north. new jersey, new york city, southern new england all going to be having problems with this storm over the next couple of days. let's switch gears. back to max 2. i want to talk about the modeling here. this is how we base our forecast track. thank you. this is what got us currented in the weather community because yesterday, the storm was having a tendency to take this out to sea. but lately, the models are taking this further to the west. they are kind of bundling up and staying just to the east of
6:51 am
ocean city. any time you are talking about an eye wall right along the beaches of ocean city, you are looking at the potential for -- stale category 2 hurricane at this point, 80, 90, 100 miles per hour. here in wash, we would be talking about primarily a rain event with some gusty wind at times. but the further east you get, the more you have to deal with the storm surge potential. along the bay, you have to deal with the storm surge. look at the track. it wants to take it up to new york city, southern new england, maybe long island as we greet into the -- as we get into the day on sunday. certainly concerned that the modeling here is trying to take this storm a little further west than yesterday because you got to remember. hurricane force wind are 70 miles from the center of the storm. tropical force wind are 250 miles from the center of the storm. >> we're going to feel it. >> we'll feel it. >> does the western side of the
6:52 am
eye pact stronger winds? >> good question. it is actual lit eastern side of the storm that pack the heaviest wind. we are concerned. if the eye wall make it as cro the delmarva peninsula, we would have catastrophic problems along the eastern shore as we get into saturday night and sunday. this is showing the potential for wind and you got to look carefully but i put it in motion here. you are looking at hurricane force wind right off the carolina outer banks here by saturday night. look what happens along the lower eastern shore. we'll be dealing with the potential for 80, 90-mile per hour winds. >> you are saying even if somebody offered a fidel castro conned condo in ocean city this weekend, a -- even if somebody offered a free condo in ocean
6:53 am
city this weekend, better to pass. >> we'll find out more tomorrow. >> if you have a question you want answered, go to >> everybody down south getting ready for this thing? julie. >> my brother is boarding up the windows and headed up north. on dry pavement, the commute around town, not so bad. outer loop starting to slow me -- to slow at new hampshire avenue. leap are open slowing at manassas. a little ray of sunshine there for you. inner loop of the beltway, spotty delays between annandale and merrifield. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. here is your chance to land a new job in the d.c. region. the choice career fair is holding a career fair today in arlington from 10:30 until 2:00. this is at the holiday inn, 1900 block of north fort myer drive. some of the employers
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recruiting include avis, maxim had health care, power home technologies and town park. let's hit up today's my fox half off deal. 79% off six laser hair removal treatments. that is a $720 value for $150. forker month, go to our web site, click on the my fox half off link. check out the facebook fan of the day while you're there. coming up on fox 5 morning news. one man experienced what his family is calling a mayor kal in the -- a miracle in the aftermath of tuesday's earthquake. we'll have his story.
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tuesday's earthquake was a frightening day for many. but for one patient battling cancer, it was a blessing in
6:58 am
disguise. on father's day, the 75-year- old lost his hearing when he fell. he's been at the hospital since then. but tuesday something strange happened when the earthquake rocked the region. >> i says, you know, my hearing is back. i can hear people in the hallway. >> some people seem to be a little frightened, but he is delighted this earthquake came along, because soon after the event, he could hear everything in the room very clearly. >> how interesting. doctors believe there may still be some hearing loss. they plan to do more testing to see what actually happened. time to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. chelsea marie. she watches every morning before going to the international beauty school in west virginia where she is learning about hair, manis, pedis and facials. if you would like to be tomorrow's fan of the days,
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search fox five morning news, no space between fox and the number 5 and post a comment under chelsea's phot o. now over to allison, who is joining steve. good morning. thank you so much. coming up on fox five morning news, hurricane irene intensifies as it makes its way up the east coast. the powerful storm pounding the bahamas. it left behind a path of destruction. this morning north carolina is under a hurricane watch. we are keeping an eye on this storm for you. another after shock following tuesday's earthquake. several monuments closed, including the washington monument. plus several schools closed. and alive and well. the man abducted in pakistan has been found. an update on his whereabouts. fox five morning news at 7:00 starts right now. take a look at the washington monument this morning. the botto
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